SMART goal nudge on Perform

Idea created by Kerry Floyd on Aug 13, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I'm all about goals! I love them, live by them, set them for everything... and I know the difference a good goal makes. SMART goals are critical, as I'm sure most of you know. (I'm a fan of SMARTER goals, personally) I'm also a fan of nudges: small changes in choice architecture that nudge people towards making better choices. I think Bridge has a HUGE opportunity on their goal setting page. It would be great if the goal page asked users if their goal was SMART, or encouraged them to make it so, with some prompts like "Is this goal SMART?" "How will you know you succeeded?" "Is the result of this action measurable?" "Is this a task you can complete, or a vague statement about how you feel about things?" I could also see just putting little reminder checkboxes below the goal text asking the user to check off "smart, measurable, etc..." Here's an example from the Full Focus Planner of what I'm talking about:

    SMARTER goal


    I'd also love to see habit goals on here, but I'll make that a separate idea!