Habit Goals in Perform

Idea created by Kerry Floyd on Aug 13, 2018
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    • Kerry Floyd

    Sometimes we set goals that have a specific end product, like "Get 98% of learners to complete the 'Bridge Learn' course by the end of August." Other times we set goals like "Spent 20 minutes a day reading a professional development book." It would be great if Perform would let you capture and record progress on both types of goals. Some people might think this is overkill -- you can use a different type of organizer to do your habit tracking (bullet journal, nozbe, the Full Focus Planner) why would a corporate environment need to supply this? Some soft skills require practice, and require you to develop a habit of working on them! The assessment tool in Perform provides a great way to see if the habit you're building is getting you where you want to go in your career. Adding in a habit tracker would help managers see where workplace learning is happening and celebrate successes. 


    I attached the Full Focus Planner habit tracker sheet, which I've found reasonably helpful. I'd like to see Perform have an option for you set the cadence for check ins -- daily, specific days, or weekly -- and then have a due date for when you'll consider the habit established, and what percentage of the time you had to succeed in order for it to count. (It takes more like 120 days, not 30!) Then, you'd get a flag on your timeline just like any other goal that you accomplished, it would just say "Completed a 120 inbox-0 challenge!" with evidence rather than "Met Q2 revenue goal." Habit goal tracker