Change Live Training card button: ENROLL not START

Idea created by Diane Fromme Partner on Aug 16, 2018
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    • Tasha Biesinger
    • Lynn Greenough
    • Diane Fromme
    • David Rios
    • Natasha Baez-Huppert
    • Nick Leinen
    • Dave Hoffman

    Once a learner has registered for a training, the button on that training card for that learner changes from ENROLL to START. The word START has no relevance for a Live Training Session; this language is appropriate for a Course, Program, or Checkpoint. Even more misleading, our testing shows that if the learner unregisters for that same training, the button on that training card still says START. As a university offering professional development live trainings, we would like to see the button remain ENROLL for live trainings. (See also: Link Live Training card button to training's sessions). Alexis Fotheringham