Whitelist an Embed Source

Idea created by Tasha Biesinger Partner on Aug 21, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Bridge has partnered with Embedly to create enhanced embedding of content (Introducing Enhanced Embedding ). We have discovered that, despite our Kaltura videos working with Embedly, we are not able to embed our videos in Bridge. We were told this is because our Kaltura video URL domains are *.oregonstate.edu rather than *.kaltura.com and only *.kaltura.com videos are whitelisted to pass through Bridge.

    I would like to propose a mechanism through which we could allow our institutional domains (or other trusted domains) to be whitelisted on a per-instance basis. It would be even better if our Bridge Admins had the ability to add appropriate domains to our own instance-specific whitelists.

    This feature should help any organization that has institution-specific domain masking of videos and any other content.