Background image anchor

Idea created by ivanov on Aug 31, 2018
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    • Linda Aaron
    • Trevor Brown
    • Colleen Quinn

    User Story

    As a user I want to be able to anchor the background image of a cover-slide to a corner of the viewport, so I can retain visual identity across multiple devices.


    Currently (unless Center mode is selected) the background image is anchored to the top left corner of the viewport. This means that any design on the right side of the background will be omitted on a mobile device.


    I have tried to illustrate it below.

    Imagine that the image above is our background image. Because the Bridge logo is in the top left, it will be visible on a mobile device. However any design that keeps elements/watermarks in the bottom right (and even in the bottom left in some cases) will be outside of the viewport on most mobile devices.


    Summary: To better retain visual identity, an option to anchor the background image to a corner of the the users choice would be most useful.


    Thank you for your consideration.