Do Not Issue Certificate if a User Fails Module After Max Attempts

Idea created by christine bunting Partner on Sep 10, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Current Functionality: Current Bridge Learn functionality allows for certificates to be conferred to any user who attempts all courses in a program, even if they fail one of the courses. 

    Requested Functionality: I would like to for a certificate to only be granted to users who pass all courses in a program. 

    Rationale for Functionality: My concern is that if a certificate is conferred to a user who doesn’t pass all modules, then it is not serving the purpose of demonstrating a user’s mastery of the material.

    Context for Request: 

    A user attempted all modules in a certification program made up of 5 courses but earned a failing score in the last course (which we’ve set up as a certification “exam”). She has exhausted her 5 attempts at the last course so is marked as having permanently failed the program. Despite having failed the final course, she received a certificate for the program.