Compliance Dashboard Filtered by Tags

Idea created by Grant Ricker Partner on Sep 26, 2018
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    • Grant Ricker
    • Randy Price
    • Ashley Burge
    • Michelle White
    • Richard Gladman
    • Becki Nelson
    • Bruce Adams
    • Emma Proffitt-White
    • Nicola Burton

    The new "How Compliant is my Organization" dashboard is great, however, to more accurately reflect true compliance we really only want to report on Mandatory learning. I know the deep dive allows you to then actually further filter down on specific required learning, but it seems to make sense to have the more prominent dashboard serve as a better reflection on actual compliance. 


    Our customers tag all learning specific to compliance as Mandatory. This then is a true reflection on what is actually required to meet compliance vs what has been generically marked as required. The difference occurs in that, let's say a GDPR course is marked as required for the legal team to complete, however, it is not actually a course that is 'required' to meet compliance (e.g. something like Fire Safety). 


    The suggestion is to have the ability to tweak this great dashboard report to actually reflect true required learning to meet proper compliance as a business. Here I am suggesting a tag, however even something such as an account setting or having all mandatory training in a category and filtering this report by a category would work. 


    Bruce Adams Emma Proffitt-White