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Idea created by Alison Leese on Oct 4, 2018
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    • Nicholina Wilson

    So they easiest thing I can think of to express this. Is a ZIPpped up html w /css folder and /javascript folder. Like Remember Edge Animate ? Adobe STILL says to you that if you want to make little html5/css/.js interactions. Then, the only thing YOU guys worry about is getting it to unzip between LIKE a <span> html </span> . Then ALL you have to worry about it saying : if you set up like XYZ , then it should work.


    Since Flash is eob and counting, we're all going to have to be able to develop in HTML5 anyway, eventually . Just like insert image or video file... you would insert .zip that Bridgeapp would unpack allow you to have valid HTML. You also wouldn't get bogged down like WordPress, who tries to do everything through there interface. This would just be a very singular thing... like you did with the code style option . just insert cursor on new link, tap the button, upload zip.


    What is that for awesome!

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