Description Field Needed for Group

Idea created by Chris McEwen on Oct 4, 2018
    Open for Voting

    When it is not possible to inject all meaning necessary for a group into the name itself, we need a place to describe the group including its:  intended member attributes, purpose for use of the group (what courses they should be the audience for, source of truth for who should be members of that group). This can help with continuity when multiple staff are completing steps to get new staff on- or off-boarded, and simply to remember what being in a certain group is supposed to do for a user. Thanks!




    Group name: 
    Advance Basics


    This group contains all users of Advance with minimum of "IB" rights group; recommend Advance Fundamentals, Constituency Introduction, and FLF Trainings to this group, and any future developed training that does not require elevated user rights. Add users when the have completed confidentiality agreement; remove users when they no longer are a user of Advance. Questions? Check with Chris



    Mockup of group description idea