Variable Course difficulty

Idea created by ivanov on Oct 5, 2018
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    • ivanov

    Hello team,


    I've been spending a few weeks writing course material and I just had the realization that I might be digging myself a maintenance pit by creating multiple courses with similar content but with different levels of information.


    Our structure is based on labeling courses level 1 to 3, one being Sales/junior support representatives and 3 being Specialists or senior support representatives that want deeper knowledge.


    I would like a feature that would perhaps allow you to tag up segments of text or other elements of a course and then being able to make the course more dynamic for the learners level of knowledge by assigning a learner a specific tag.


    I was considering making "Optional" segments for each slide, but I feel that most new employees would want to learn it but they'd lack some required knowledge to fully understand it and it would just clutter the course.