Add Categories for Assessment Skills

Idea created by Daniel Avedikyan Partner on Oct 16, 2018
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    • Daniel Avedikyan
    • Kay Nadel

    Ryan Jensen


    Hi There,


    When creating skills in Assessment settings, it would be great to have a 'Category' section where we could link a skill to a specific category.


    For example; my company employs Educators (Teachers), and their capability skills are grouped into 4 four sections :

    • Teaching
    • Technology
    • Quality & Compliance and
    • Professional Learning


    There isn't a way of grouping the 30+ skills I have added into Bridge into these four groups to make it easier for the assessor to complete the skills assessment. It would also be beneficial because if skills were in a category, we could then tailor specific learning content based on the mastery of each category and skills.


    An educator could also see, by reviewing their skills summary, which category they require further development and below that what skill is required to improve.


    Kind Regards,