Non-Authoring Manager Ability to Enroll Individual Employees

Idea created by Michael Mullin on Oct 17, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Mohammad Najmuzzaman
    • Linda Chhong

    Idea: We request that managers be able to enroll their own individual learners into trainings, separate from the ability to author content. Currently, non-authoring managers can enroll their entire learner group in a training, but not individual learners. 

    Detail: I work for a large university with over 1,000 supervisors, all of whom have been assigned the "Manager" role in Bridge. Since this is an unwieldy number of managers, we have selected to place a restriction on the Manager role and not allow them to author content (We fear that this many people with this ability would cause for a severely messy and unregulated content library).


    Unfortunately, if a Manager does not have authoring permissions in this current iteration of Bridge, that also means they do not have the ability to enroll their individual learners (supervisees) into trainings. This is unfortunate, as while we do not want our managers to author content, we do want them to be able to enroll individual learners from their team into University-provided content.