Clear/Expire OAuth cookies when unauthorized Google login is used

Idea created by Mohammad Najmuzzaman Partner on Oct 23, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Mohammad Najmuzzaman

    When Google OAuth is turned on and just in time provisioning is turned off, then if a user uses an unregistered/unauthorized Google ID to log in, then the user is not allowed to get into Bridge.


    However, if the user had clicked on the wrong Google ID by mistake and wants to go back and use the right Google ID, it is not possible anymore as the cookies of the previous session are stored on the user's system. The user has to manually clear cookies to make this possible or else, is locked out forever. The information about this is not available in the prompt as well.


    Please add information about this on the prompt and clear/expire OAuth cookies for any failed Google ID so that the user can log back in with the correct Google ID.