Practice Review Group Configuration Options

Idea created by Katie Averill Partner on Nov 12, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Katie Averill
    • Kay Nadel
    • Vinita Tyagi

    Just as we are able to identify a minimum number of practice exercises for learners to engage in on the peer review functionality, we should also be able to configure the same for other reviewers that are assigned to review learners (such as managers, coaches or pre-defined groups).  This would allow for those in reviewer groups to not rely on others to do all of the reviewing.  For example - with a coaching program, all coaches should be assigned 1 review minimum just as the learner does one peer review minimum.  As opposed to current setup where coaches identified through smart groups are able to review, but there is no direct accountability for who / how many to review... and thus it becomes difficult to track and reinforce.