Notification Strip When Learners are Still in the Process of Being Uploaded

Idea created by Jacob McAuley on Dec 4, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Jacob McAuley

    I find it problematic that Bridge will take several minutes (or longer) to upload new learners to a program, but you don't actually know when it's complete. This is also the case when adding new users to Bridge. This has caused issues for us. I like that Bridge prompts you with a "notification strip" at the top of the page when uploading new users that it might take a moment for all users to be added, but I don't like that the notification goes away and you are never notified that it's complete. I would like Bridge to make that "notification strip" remain until all users have been uploaded. It would be great if that "notification strip" were like a progress bar that you see when downloading a new application on your desktop.

    Below I've outlined the specific issue we ran into because of this limitation/problem in Bridge:

    We had two groups we wanted enrolled in the same program, but with different due dates. So what we did was set the due date to 11/30 then we enrolled the first group. Shortly after that, we changed the due date to 12/31 then enrolled the second group (note: there's no overlap between the two groups). However, when we looked at the enrollments from the first group, some had the 11/30 due date and others had the 12/31. It turns out, this happened because when we changed the due date, Bridge was still uploading part of the first group and we had no way of knowing that. 

    Please fix this or add a feature that warns Admins the potential issue. Thank you!