Make re-occuring course expire on specific date

Idea created by Lori Marin Partner on Dec 6, 2018
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    In many cases I find myself 'counting' days to expiration when entry dates don't match the exact time of renewal. For instance: We have many government specifications that must be reviewed and renewed annually or biannually. A course may be due Oct 1, but the assignment is made Sept 1 with time for completion. As people filter in to live trainings (usually 20 people at a time), I mark their courses complete as I get them back - and many times it is not on the exact day of completion. If someone misses the due date of Oct. 1 and finished Oct. 3, the course will reset for Oct 3rd next year - not Sept 1st. 


    I also have instances where I need to be able to place the date of completion on the course BY INDIVIDUAL, even though I am entering them all on the same day. For instance: I am making entries today for Joe, who finished his training last Thursday, and Sarah who finished on Monday.


    Suggestion: It would be fantastic to be able to choose the renewal date by looking at a Calendar view on the course level and the individual learner entry line. 


    So the expiration date on the course would have two options - enter the number of days, or pull down a calendar view and pick the specific date. 

    On the Learner line for the course, there would be an additional feature to enter a 'completion date' just before the line is 'marked complete'. 


    Thank you so much, 

    Lori Marin

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