In agenda '+learning' option not limited to 'all users' library items

Idea created by Vinita Tyagi Partner on Dec 12, 2018
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    • Katie Averill
    • Kay Nadel
    • Vinita Tyagi

    In Perform, under one-on-one's or agenda's there is a cool feature to be able to add courses as an learning item to the particular agenda. However, i just found out that the learning items available for addition are only the ones that are open to all learners in bridge.


    For eg. i have general business efficiency courses that are available to all learners and some role specific courses, lets say SQL programming, available to only developers and testers via smart group-category association. I cannot add the SQL programming course to the agenda item for a developer (as a manager or the developer him/herself) since the +learning button only pulls the business efficiency courses (courses that are available to all).


    That's shameful for a cool feature!