Full Screen View for Embedded Google Docs

Idea created by Pete Castanik Partner on Dec 14, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Pete Castanik
    • Trevor Brown

    Current Behaviour

    Embedded Google docs via Embedly are restricted to Bridge's authoring tool width, which is approx 700 pixels. Due to the narrow view, the user must use both the vertical and horizontal scroll continually to view the data.


    When embedding procedural docs you often want the user to see a few images for a process, along with some text. The limited view restricts this broad view of a particular topic/procedural step.


    As a result, the user experience suffers, and in some cases may hinder learning.


    Suggested Feature

    Provide an option to expand the size of the embedded doc to perhaps half-screen or full screen.


    I understand that we can provide a link to the doc, but we'd like to keep our users within the course.