Identify Duplicate or Invalid UID in CSV File Upload

Idea created by Julie Hawk Partner on Jan 3, 2019
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    • Kate Toothman

    Idea - regarding duplicate UID in CSV file upload. (My company is not yet able to use SMART Groups.)


    When uploading a CSV file to a group (or in general), an error message that prevents the file from uploading displays, "X records will be ignored". This might be due to invalid formats for UID or duplicate UIDs. If the system can recognize the invalid or duplicate UID, why does it not display that information? Instead, the Administrator has to open the file, find the duplicate UIDs, re-save the CSV, and then re-upload again (very inefficient). This is very timely when a file is over 1,000 line items. I know this is the responsibility of the file owner, but mistakes happen and this is an opportunity for the Bridge system to directly identify those mistakes to ensure the data integrity for the Administrator.