Send learner a notification when course is reset

Idea created by Nicole Baker on Jan 3, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Nicole Baker

    When a learner is reset on a course, it would be nice for them to receive a "new enrollment", "re-enrollment", or "reset enrollment" notification.


    Currently, if a stand-alone course is reset, the course moves back to their My Learning - required section and shows as incomplete. As long as a user is active on the platform, they will see that the course needs to be re-completed... otherwise, they don't see that a course has been reset until their Weekly Learning Summary (if this feature is turned on).


    Additionally, if the reset course exists in an already completed program, there is no blatant acknowledgment that the course needs to be retaken unless the learner goes into the program and finds the reset/incomplete course. Again, it will show up in their Weekly Learning Summary, but it does not indicate that it is part of a program.


    Seeing a reset course on the Weekly Learning Summary can be confusing if they think they've completed it already and are unaware they've been reset.