Chat Box

Idea created by Kelsey DeBruin Partner on Jan 11, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Danielle Hirka
    • Audrey Moore
    • Kelsey DeBruin

    This is probably a really big ask but I think it would be awesome if Bridge Learn had the ability to have a chat box that could then be monitored live by an instructor. I've noticed this approach happens commonly with self-paced courses where an instructor is readily available for questions/comments but the user would need to chat in using Slack or Skype/Teams...etc. If there was a functionality built right into a course/program where a chat could take place, it would streamline things a bit and make for a more immersive experience. It could be similar to a "Chat Now" button that you see on a lot of retail shopping websites to connect directly to a representative. The live chat functionality would need to have the ability to turn on/off and have a time frame when it's available since an instructor would need to man it.