Quiz Option to only Require Learners to Answer Missed Questions

Idea created by Blake Sohier on Jan 23, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Murray Humphrey
    • David Spence
    • Blake Sohier
    • Jodi Koepke
    • Chris Burke
    • Kyle Spencer
    • Kath Faulkner

    At the moment, when a learner completes a course and answers their questions. If any of the questions are incorrect, the learner is then required to sit through the whole course and answer all the questions again. Even the correct ones.


    The proposed solution is an additional feature be developed to store the correct answers and only present the incorrect answers to be answered again. The benefits would be productivity gains in relation to active learning engagement and not wasting time by having the learner complete the whole course and quiz over again.


    Thoughts everyone?