Live Training Overdue Report

Idea created by Reams ONeal on Jan 24, 2019

    In the "Insights" function, the overdue learner widget is not correct for our agency because it only reflects courses, not live training.  Currently, the reporting shows that 1% of our staff are overdue.  This is not accurate because it leaves out the 11 classes we teach live in the classroom.  It is critical to our Executive Director, Board of Directors, and Training Dept. to know how many staff are overdue and who these people are.  

    The only way to currently determine who is past due in live classes is to pull up the list of learners for a particular class and go through the entire list of 350 employees to check the date they last took that class.  This is very time consuming.

    We record live class attendance for every employee, so it would seem that all the information needed is there to run a report, but there is no way to produce that report.

    We just need for the system to report live classes the way they report online courses.