Restrict sharing of courses within a category

Idea created by Polly Cordwell Partner on Jan 28, 2019
    Open for Voting

    We have recently updated our courses to include categories and we are very happy with the improved experience this provides to our learners in helping them to find relevant and useful content.  It would be extremely helpful, however, if we could also restrict who can see a course in any given category.  For example, although much of our content is suitable for everyone, as a national brokerage we also have content that is only relevant in certain areas.  It would be great if I could add a course to a category that is shared with everyone, but then set the sharing for the course to only a specific province or group.  This way the course would still appear in the appropriate category for those it is applicable to while preventing other learners from enrolling in a course that may not be relevant or useful for them.  I realize I could make a category for each Province, but this will not be as helpful or easy for our learners to locate or they may overlook courses that have the information that they are looking for.  I could also put the Province in the course name, but depending on the length of the name of the course this may not be easily visible in the Learning Library.