Checkpoints: Evidence Option allowing a LINK for submission

Idea created by Stephen Rose Partner on Jan 31, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Kelly Mikkelson

    Our Engineering managers are building Checkpoints to monitor code quality of existing developers and to assess code challenges of new developers.  As code is housed in GitLab and other cloud based development tools with folder structures, the request is for the learner to have the option to input a hyperlink to the code location vs. taking a screen shot which does not allow the opportunity to capture multiple screens of code.

    this is a similar case with our Service Delivery/Implementation team.  When we mobilize new implementation specialist, we push challenges to them for setting up product features in training sandboxes.  The configuration pages take up more space than a screen shot can capture.  This is solved with the option for a learner to input a hyperlink as evidence.


    Practice is critical in reducing mobilization time of new and existing employees.  Additional options for providing evidence helps within the Checkpoints would be extremely beneficial to managers and their employees.

    Hyperlinks would be a good first option start.