Insights Additional Drill-down Capability

Idea created by Amy Harrell on Feb 1, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • albina smalko

    The items at the bottom of the Insights Page have numbers that I thought were links to drill into more information.  It would be great if these would pull up a corresponding filterable list of items for the primary category (What's New, Content, People)  OR just display the specific list of items if you click on the number (New Courses, New Programs, etc.) 


    For reports that list activities, please provide an aggregate view that lists the course name, who the author is (not just their ID number), when the course was created, when the course was published.  Same for People--include their name, their department, their title.  Having a one-dimensional view of this data is not very helpful in an organization with multiple authors and departments.