Error Email Alerting Invalid Manager

Idea created by Tara Montano Partner on Feb 1, 2019
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    • Tom Wirzburger
    • Tara Montano
    • Jennifer Lortz
    • Allison Kemp
    • Ryan Belding
    • Adam Arthur


    This is my first time posting on the community.


    Would it be possible to create a function that when we go to remove a manager from Bridge, we get an email stating which learners were tied to this reporting structure? When a user is removed from the system, we need to update all data lines associated with that user, especially if it is linked to other users. It would be great to get an email notification, or another alert, so we can update other learners, as well.


    This would help out with our data.



    Jennifer Lortz, Jacob Roth, Jorden Castagna, Ryan Belding Alexis Fotheringham