Welcome Email Subject Line

Idea created by Tiffany Franklin Partner on Feb 6, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Holly Fuemmeler
    • Sara Scherba
    • Rutherford Rankin
    • Tiffany Franklin
    • Saskia van den Berg
    • Kate De Jong

    Bridge Team,

    Our team would like to put in the following Change/Feature Request:


    The Welcome email subject line used to read: Welcome!

    The Welcome email subject line now reads: Welcome! Learning awaits


    To us, the grammatical choices in the new subject line don’t make sense. Could we have it modified to:

    • Welcome! (revert to previous format)
    • Welcome! Learning awaits!
    • Welcome – Learning Awaits


    We request this, as we are a SAAS provider and the awkward grammar in the subject line reflects on us.