Course Audit & Enrollment History

Idea created by Timothy Lambert on Feb 6, 2019
    • Timothy Lambert
    Business Case: 
    Our Customers purchase our content in order to remain compliant with industry standards, and to be able to demonstrate historical enrollment to regulators. All our Customers are audited by these regulators, who check for skills in various capacities such as administering medication. Frequently they will find skills gaps with staff. These gaps will be documented and the Assessor will make formal recommendations. These recommendations deal with staff. The way to bridge these gaps is to have additional learning or repeat courses. This means learners must re-take a course, and have a historical record of current and previous enrollments for each student. Failure of our Customer to follow these recommendations will result in them losing their accreditation, and ultimately being closed down.
    Our Customers using Bridge need to force learners to re-take certain courses in order to maintain their industry certifications. In the majority of cases, the Customer will not know in advance which courses need to be re-taken until after an audit. This is a major reason for our Customers seeking to do business with us and subscribe to Bridge--to comply with additional education stipulated by regulators.
    Feature Description:
    1. To create a new category of course called: Audited Course(s)
    2. With Audited courses, provide the ability for the learning manager to add learners to a course even when the course has been previously completed (See screen shot), and to have a history visible within the user interface of course completion.
    3. When a course is marked as Audited, the auto-enroll, if switched on is switched to off.
    4. When a course already has enrolled students and it is marked as Audited, then nothing changes--these enrollments remain.
    5. Optionally include an auditing period, where the interval for taking the class is required: Monthly/Quarterly/Bi-Annually/Annually, etc. This control appears when auditing is switched on, and is used for reporting.
    6. Augment the reporting suite to include an auditing history. The auditing history report shows the compliance history (when users have taken Audited courses). Reports are grouped by auditing period.

    If not Implemented: 
    Bridge already has features such as the auto-enroll, which can be switched on to allow enrollments to be automatically added.  However auto-enroll is better suited for mandatory courses, and is not a good fit for this business case. Mandatory courses follow a regular schedule, but don't work for auditing, which requires ad-hoc enrollment. For this purpose, we need to be able to flag courses which are related to skills that have been found to be lacking and require additional training. To be able to flag these courses, enroll students and comply with the regulators with reports in the user interface will ensure that our Customers can use our content in the way it was designed.
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