Restrict visibility for live training sessions

Idea created by Justin Beaulieu on Feb 11, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Kat Actis-Grande
    • Julie Chan
    • Justin Beaulieu
    • Johanna Hultemar
    • Amy Armstrong
    • Melanie Romano

    Hey team, I'd love a way to restrict visibility for live training sessions to particular groups/individuals so that not everyone can enroll in (or get notified about sessions) that are not applicable to them.


    More background: We have some courses that are recurring but offered in different ways throughout the year (in-person / via zoom) and therefore someone in one city likely won't be able to attend a live training in another city. Ideally, I would not need to duplicate my courses for each location, and could simply restrict visibility based on user groups or individual learners at the session level. I.e. All zoom sessions are visible to everyone assigned to the course, but some in-person sessions can only be seen by a subset of that group.