Bridge API - Ability to get more than 1000 rows of data

Idea created by Douglas Offszanka on Feb 13, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Adam Arthur
    • Douglas Offszanka

    Currently, the Bridge API only returns  a maximum of 1000 rows of data in the JSON file that it returns, regardless of the limit requested.

    For example, to get a list of users, entering the following will only return 1,000 rows even though we have more than 1,000 in our system:

    (Changing to the URL of our specific Bridge instance)

    Documentation as per:


    Please can the limit be increased or set to have an unlimited maximum, eg if we ask for limit=50000 we can get 50000.

    The documentation does not currently mention that if you don't use the limit parameter at all, you will only get 20 rows :-)