Course Statistics for Optional Courses

Idea created by Adam Arthur on Feb 21, 2019
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    • Patricia Hasselbring
    • Danielle Dale
    • Clydia Davis
    • Adam Arthur

    We are trying to setup our implementation of Bridge and are expecting a few required courses, but there will likely be a lot of optional courses.  In testing today it was noticed that there are no statistics in the Course Summary for someone who opted to take a test course.  From further research I found at the top of How do I view course summary details? that only required learners are included in the Summary.


    One example of a course that we were considering is for Identifying Fraud Emails which is required in some cases, but not mandatory (currently) in others.  My concern is that courses without a Summary providing statistics on optional courses like this or even ones like, for example, Work Life Balance without any information graphically displayed might not feel it is being used and stop offering them.


    I am not sure if this is listed anywhere else, but is going to be important for the success of our implementation.