Granular Data Permissions

Idea created by Amy Skyles on Feb 22, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Amy Skyles
    • Denise Gum
    • Joe Kleine

    I have created a role I call "Author Lite," which allows content authors (subject-matter experts) to create their own courses in a way that makes sense based on their content. It's much easier for me to have them do this than for me to try to figure out the best way to arrange their information (teach a man to fish, right?). This also helps the SME's better understand the way Bridge works so they can leverage the tools to make truly awesome courses and it helps me learn new strategies that I may not have thought of. I can prevent people with the Author Lite role from editing content that they didn't author (Support had to turn this on for me), but I can't prevent them from seeing the insights in courses they didn't author. We are putting all of our training in Bridge, including HR compliance training. SME's are employees and they do not need to have access to HR compliance data for other employees. I could have the SME's sign a form stating that they won't poke around in the HR data, but ideally we need a toggle to prevent them from doing so - just like we have to prevent them from editing courses they don't own.