Live Training Scoring

Idea created by Nicole Lomax Partner on Feb 24, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Nicole Lomax

    It would be helpful if Bridge would allow scores to be entered for Live Training. As of now, Bridge only recognizes live training as completed and not completed. However, if scores could be added to the class, reports that are generated through insight would include a score, similar to the online training. This would also give the learner a grade (score) on their personal transcript and my learning page.


    Our agency is audited several times a year by our funding provider and we are required to have reports that contain the class, the date completed, the next date due, and the score. So, this is causing a problem for us not being able to produce a score without providing a copy of the test. This is very tedious, due to the fact; we have over 450 employees and the requested information can be for 6-100 people at a time. For this reason, I would hope that Bridge would consider adding this feature, allowing a score to be entered once a person completes a live class. The score could easily be added while giving the person credit for the training. 


    Thank you for considering my idea.