Overdue Learner Inconsistencies

Idea created by Rutherford Rankin Partner on Mar 6, 2019
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    • Holly Fuemmeler
    • Stephanie Mearig
    • Rutherford Rankin
    • Tiffany Franklin
    • Dr. Tanya Ruhlander

    Has anyone else noticed the inconsistency between the Overdue Learners Report and the actual due date of a course or program?


    Here's an example: We have a program with a due date of 3/5/2019. Beginning at midnight on 3/5, those learners who are incomplete show up in the list of overdue learners. However, if they complete the training on 3/5, their status is set to "On Time" and won't show a "Late" status unless they complete after midnight on 3/6. So they're not really overdue until 3/6 and therefore, shouldn't show on the overdue learners report until 3/6.


    This may not be a big issue for clients using Bridge within one environment, but for extended enterprise where we have many sub-accounts and many client administrators, this results in a lot of confusion due to inconsistency in reporting.


    I'd like to request that the Overdue Learners Report and on-time status be aligned so that they're both following the same set of rules regarding when a learner is really overdue. Anyone else with me?


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