Improve PowerPoint Import

Idea created by Adam Arthur on Mar 12, 2019
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    • Janice Pizzurro
    • Akash Mahalwal
    • Adam Arthur
    • Mike Hachtel

    In trying to implement Bridge at our University we are starting to encounter some push back with how much additional work someone would need to do to get a course which was previously taught with PowerPoint to appear correctly once uploaded in Bridge.  From what I am being told, there are many cases where PowerPoint is the current medium that is being used, but to have to manually correct each slide with the current way that PowerPoint imports is becoming a hard sell.  Based on a test case which we received, the font conversions cause misalignment, bullet points do not translate correctly, and the content just gets smaller.


    Ideally, either the PowerPoint should display in a viewer like how SCORM content is played or the heading/title for each slide should be able to be imported into the "Slide Title" field, bullet points converted into bulleted lists in Bridge, and the remaining images placed somewhere on the screen or tossed out.


    If we cannot make the process for importing a PowerPoint into Bridge more user-friendly, then the concern is that we may not get the level of adoption we are hoping for in implementing Bridge.


    Example of imported PowerPoint slide image with font conversion and bullet point issues.