Unscored Quiz Questions

Idea created by Gretchen Smith Partner on Apr 9, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Gretchen Smith
    • Clyne A.
    • Kendel Kam
    • Adam Arthur
    • Kelsey DeBruin

    We'd like the ability to include unscored quiz questions - like short answer questions are currently unscored.  The learner would get correct/incorrect feedback, but it would not count towards their final score, or influence whether they pass the course or not.  We would use this for pre-tests, and learner engagement.  We like to position questions before content - when learners get the question wrong, they will pay more attention to the follow up explanation.  However the stress of getting a wrong answer or low score gets in the way.  Learners feel it is unfair.  If the questions were unscored we could use this learning technique without upsetting staff.