Allow Live Trainings to be Optional

Idea created by Michael Mullin on Apr 9, 2019
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    Update: As per comments below, all "Live Trainings" in the Learning Library become "Required" once an employee registers. At my institution (as I imagine with many others) our live trainings are optional workshops. Since Bridge makes all Live Trainings "required," our employees aren't able to unregister from them.


    Please create the ability to make live trainings optional so that employees aren't punished for unenrolling. This is also rendering our Bridge reporting data useless - someone who unregistered from an optional course like "Personal Budgeting" counts against our compliance percentage because the system reflects them as not having completed a "required" course (that we never set to be required in the first place!).


    Original Post:

    At our organization we offer optional personal and professional enrichment classes as "live trainings." When employees unregister from a live training, their status is changed to "Not Registered" but they still remain listed as a learner for that training.


    On the employee end, the live training remains in their My Learning page as "Needs Attention." This doesn't go away unless manually removed by an administrator.


    This is confusing to our employees - they think that they didn't successfully unregister when they did. 


    Please fully remove an employee from a live training if they unregister. Do not keep them as "Not Registered" or "Needs Attention" - just remove them.