Program vs. Course Completion

Idea created by Steve Evans Partner on Apr 9, 2019
    Open for Voting

    One of the great features of the My Learning page is the ability for learners to see their completed items at a glance. However, it is not intuitive for learners to look for completed courses within programs, especially since the icons for completed courses and programs are the same, whereas the icons for active courses and programs are different. Learners may be able to tell that a completed course has a score and a program does not, but many are not likely to click into a program to view their completed courses. This is especially frustrating when managers view their employees profiles in search of a specific completed course and can't find it at a glance.


    I suggest listing individual completed courses in a program with other completed courses. The courses can be nested under the program heading, or referenced as part of a program in some other visually appealing way. I also suggest modifying the completed icon for programs to the dashed lined circle instead of a solid lined circle.