Learning Program to Notify User of New Item Added

Idea created by Julie Hawk Partner on Apr 12, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Randy Palmer
    • Julie Hawk

    We would like to propose notifying learners of updates to Learning Programs. From my perspective, a LP is never a one and done. It's an ongoing process because employees and programs need constant developing to reflect regular employee and program evaluation changes and changes within the company. For example, we're using LP to capture the requirements for a leadership development program. Essentially there will be 3 different LP to reflect Level I, II and Senior requirements for leaders. It is not realistic that those requirements won't change according to the needs of the program based on the feedback of the participants, evaluation of the program, and changes within the company. 


    Currently, when a LP is setup, once the items on the LP are completed, there is no additional notification or communicated requirements to those employees on the LP. 


    Help me to understand the logic or use from a different perspective. Thanks.