Deep Dives Need to Mirror "Team Filter" Functionality

Idea created by Joe Kleine on Apr 18, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Kate Toothman
    • Barrett Doran
    • Adam Arthur
    • Marsha Benedetti

    There are 2 different Deep Dives: 1 under Overdue/Completed Learners Tile (DD1) and 1 under Compliant/Progress Tiles (DD2). To my knowledge, the DD1 is the older of the 2 versions. 


    I am not a manager (I mention this as Bridge has special permissions for managers); I have reporting abilities for my whole company for monitoring purposes and realized I could not "filter by team". My CSM Kate Toothman turned on what I think was called "See My Learners" and NOW both versions of the Deep Dive displays "Teams" as a Filter.


    In DD1, when I "Fine Tune" and filter, I can filter by every Team in my company (the desired outcome). In DD2, when I try to filter by Team, it does not show me anything at all (not the desired outcome) and I don't understand why the 2 Deep Dives would behave differently like this in regards to this filter. 


    I usually use DD2 as it seems to provide the same info as DD1 but more capabilities. However, this whole Team filtering not showing anything causes an issue. 


    Could the DD2 be looked at to Mirror the same functionality as the DD1, specifically the Team Filter option?