Create a new Sub-Account Admin Role

Idea created by Randy Palmer on May 8, 2019
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    • Randy Palmer

    In our organization we have four divisions (each division operates in a different industry) and we plan to expand our course offerings to our clients with courses/programs that are specific to the jobs within those industries. In each division we have a Director of Training who will oversee the course development for our clients. They will also oversee the creation of sub-accounts that each of those clients will be assigned to. We plan to use a sub-account for each client business so that the branding can be customized to "look" like it is their very own training site.


    I would like to see developed an additional role for a Sub-Account Admin. The reason for this is because I need these Directors of Training to have full account admin access and rights over these sub-accounts but not have those same rights and access on the root level of the account. After reviewing the document on role permissions and having gone through it extensively in testing we have found that we can't limit on a root account while giving full access on a sub-account in a customized role.


    It's just one additional level of administration that will make a big difference in organizations similar to ours. And, even though we are only using Bridge Learn at this time, I could see this being a benefit across the whole Bridge Suite.