Change Default Landing Page for Implementation

Idea created by Adam Arthur on May 14, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Tracy Baldwin
    • Kate Toothman
    • Joe Kleine
    • Adam Arthur

    While trying to advertise our first Programs/Trainings to go live, it was noticed that when trying to provide instructions on how to get to them, that Managers would not have the same experience.  This means that our directions would need to be conditional in nature and could potentially lead to confusion that the manager has trainings that they have not yet done but need to as well.


    This could also cause some of our Publishers/Editors (Authors) to not realize that they have to do training as well if they are not used to looking at the My Learning page.


    I would like to have a control on either the account management screen or in the back-end for CSM's to be able to default everyone who logs into the system to the My Learning Application in the Application Switcher.