Filter By - Popular Learning Activities and Most Searched

Idea created by Sarah Rothery on May 14, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Sonia Battye

    With the introduction of LinkedIn and other learning activity options there are now thousands of learning activities for users to choose from in the Learning Library. 


    I have a concept of a filter function for users under 'Learning Library' for finding popular learning activities and most searched. The "Popular" option could be an additional "Filter By" option in the learning library then the user could further filter by "Learning Activity" or "Most Searched". These results can then be further filtered down using the existing "Filter" By" and "Tag" options. 


    Users would have the option of viewing either the popular learning activities or most searched items in a list, card/tile or a word cloud. I'd recommend making the word cloud the default view for the popular item results. 


    The popular learning activities results would bring up individual learning activities in order of the most popular to the least. The popular most searched results show the words most commonly searched for in Bridge and by clicking on the word it would take the user to the range of learning activities which appear in that word search. These can then be filtered. For example to show only LinkedIn Learning items. 


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