LinkedIn Learning - Language integration

Idea created by Emma Dresser on May 20, 2019
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    • Sarah Rothery
    • David Akirtava
    • Sonia Battye
    • karen darcy

    We have the LinkedIn Learning integration and there's a lot of things that don't function as we wanted to (or that LinkedIn Learning want to either). A current issue is that we have the full language licence and we were advised by LinkedIn Learning in every other LMS they have integrated with, the function to just default to English is standard. However, in Bridge we have been advised that this is not possible and as such, we have to manually remove the updated language courses every morning after they have synced overnight.

    What we were advised would happen is that we default to English in the LMS and when staff login to LinkedIn Learning, they can choose courses in other language.


    Having the full library includes over 14,000 courses and makes the search functionality slow, it clogs up our time manually fixing and fundamentally, it's making the experience for an end user clunky, slow, and not appealing.


    I don't really think it belongs in this space as an idea but I'm not sure how many others out there are having this same issue that isn't an issue with any other LMS? We would really like this fixed as a matter of urgency. It's been logged with our Customer Manager, as well as the Support Team. I really hope you can move this forward with the product team as an urgent fix.