"Complete/Incomplete" SCORM content

Idea created by John Millnik on May 28, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Junior Greig
    • David Spence
    • John Millnik
    • Ruth Simmons
    • Adam Arthur

    Background: Quite often, SCORM packages are designed to create a more interactive content component for a course, but they do not have "pass/fail" assessment components built in. 


    Problem: Even though using existing work-around methods or even proper best practices allows the content to "technically" function,  there is an issue with the end-user experience: they will see content as "failed" if they close out prior to completion. This is because the SCORM version of Course content in bridge is only considering assessment (pass/fail %) based SCORM packages.


    The solution: The issue is with the front-end for the user-facing experience. No major changes would need to take place to any back-end methods of parsing SCORM content. Rather, the issue can be remedied by adding a simple toggle to the SCORM package labeled "Complete/Incomplete Content" which alters the user-facing experience so they didn't see terminology such as 0% or "Failed". These labels would be replaced with either "Not yet started" or "In Progress" until the content is complete.This puts all functionality for this request as UX.