Report with First and Last Name separated

Idea created by Diana Sartorius on Jun 12, 2019
    Open for Voting

    I would like a report that returns the fields First and Last name with the standard Deep Learning course information.  The name data returned would match the data provided by the client's external authentication system.  In this case there is a pre-existing Training system we are tying into Bridge.  Bridge is modifying the name data entered by the external system: first name, last name, display name. When it returns the content, the material causes duplicates of individuals and lost material.  A data dump showed there is no consistency to build on in the Bridge user.csv file: middle characters can be dropped completely, some times middle characters are left in the first name, 4 part names may become 2 part names in the full version, etc.  Please make this a priority for #Reporting information from Bridge.