Items ID numbers in Bridge

Idea created by Greggory Wright Partner on Jun 18, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Peter Sternfels
    • Adam Arthur

    We have noticed when creating content in Bridge (courses, programs, checkpoints, etc.) that Bridge auto-assigns item IDs.  That's great, but for each item type (course, program, checkpoint, etc.) the item numbers start at the beginning.  Regardless of item type, the number should always be consistent and increasing upon each other.  For example, you could have course number 18, program 18, checkpoint 18, etc.  If looking at raw data and some things are not defined well, then how would I know which item type 18 corresponds with?  What if it were C18 (course), P18 (program), and CP(18) for Checkpoint.  Just a thought for data integrity.