Accessibility of Live Training Calendar View

Idea created by Adam Arthur on Jul 8, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Zoe Fisher
    • Adam Arthur

    We just went live with our Training Calendar for the month (for the first time) and it was noticed that when using the Live Training Calendar view there appear to be some accessibility/usability issues.  When using a screen reader (JAWS) it was noticed that the individual trainings cannot be reached via the keyboard navigation.  Upon pressing enter or space bar on the day's link, the same view just refreshed (visually), but the screen reader says "Alert Alert dis... alert...Displaying events starting on July 12th 2019". 

    Example of the keyboard navigation issues seen.  Note that the tab-focused date is the 10th here.


    When the Agenda view is switched to, the register button is able to relay the name of the training, the date, and the starting time of the event, but does not read out the end time or location of the live training.  In order to get that information arrows need to be used to go back to the details of the live training.  This is not the most intuitive for a non-sighted person and could deter them from taking the training, no matter the subject.