Export Report on Courses based on a Tag

Idea created by Kira Dylla on Jul 10, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Natalie Rodgers
    • Kira Dylla
    • Adam Arthur

    When reviewing a report on content under Insights, I'm typically filtering the analytics based on a tag. I'd like to be able to export a content report based on the tag(s) or filter selected. (It currently exports a report on all courses.)


    This is useful as our business has many business units that are all creating content for the sales teams and the rest of the company. (It's been a great collaboration!) Understandably, they all want reports showing how their content is performing. Currently, the export of the report doesn't include any indicator of a course's tags so I've been doing this manually and it's time intensive.


    Request: Please include the filter types as columns to the exported content report. Or better yet, the exported content report should be based on the selected filter(s).